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м̲̅u̲̅s̲̅e м̲̅u̲̅s̲̅e м̲̅u̲̅s̲̅e !

          Muse is one of my favorite music band.So i decide to tell a bit about my fav band.
Muse are an English rock band from TeignmouthDevon, formed in 1994. The band consists of school friends Matthew Bellamy (lead vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, keytar), Christopher Wolstenholme (bass, backing vocals, keyboards, guitars, harmonica) and Dominic Howard (drums, percussion, synthesisers, backing vocals, sampling). After the release of their 2006 album Black Holes and Revelations,keyboardist and percussionist Morgan Nicholls has performed live with the band. Muse are known for their energetic and extravagant live performances, and their fusion of many music genres, including progressive rockalternative rock,space rockpop musicheavy metalclassical music and electronica, with recurring themes of revolution.
Muse have released five studio albums: Showbiz (1999), Origin of Symmetry (2001),Absolution (2003), Black Holes and Revelations (2006), and The Resistance (2009). The band have also issued three live albums, Hullabaloo Soundtrack (2002), which is also a compilation of B-sides, Absolution Tour (2005), and HAARP (2008).
Muse at Acer Arena, Sydney Australia; 9 December 2010.
From left to right: Matthew BellamyDominic Howard, andChristopher Wolstenholme

Black Holes and Revelations earned the band a Mercury Prize nomination and a third place finish in the NME Albums of the Year list for 2006.Muse have also won numerous other music awards throughout their history, including five MTV Europe Music Awards, five Q Awards, eight NME Awards, two BRIT awards, anMTV Video Music Award, four Kerrang! Awards and an American Music Award. They were also nominated for three Grammy Awards, of which they won Best Rock Album for their fifth studio album, The Resistance. As of November 2010, Muse have sold over ten million albums worldwide.


1992–1998: Formation and early years

The members of Muse played in separate school bands during their stay atTeignmouth Community College in the early 1990s, but the formation of Muse began when Bellamy successfully auditioned for the part of guitarist in Dominic Howard's band. They asked Chris Wolstenholme – who played the drums at the time – to learn to play bass guitar for the band, Wolstenholme agreed and took up lessons, while Bellamy had to become singer and songwriter for the band.The other original members of Gothic Plague left after Bellamy suggested that they write their own songs rather than doing covers.
Bellamy and Howard's first band name was Gothic Plague. After Gothic Plague came Fixed Penalty, and after that, Rocket Baby Dolls.In 1994 the band used the name Rocket Baby Dolls with a goth/glam image to compete in a local battle of the bands. The band won the contest, smashing their equipment in the process."It was supposed to be a protest, a statement," Bellamy said, "so, when we actually won, it was a real shock, a massive shock. After that, we started taking ourselves seriously." Shortly after the contest, the three decided to forget university, quit their jobs, change the band name to Muse (1994–1995), and move away from Teignmouth.The name "Muse" was inspired by Matthew Bellamy's art teacher. The art teacher Samuel Theoun mentioned the word "Muses". Bellamy then looked it up in the dictionary and decided to shorten it to "Muse." It was also used because it was short and the members felt it looked good on a poster.

1998–2000: First EPs and Showbiz

After a few years building a fan base, Muse played their first gigs in London and Manchester. The band had a significant meeting with Dennis Smith, the owner of Sawmills Studio, situated in a converted water mill in Cornwall. He had seen the three boys grow up as he knew their parents and had a production company together with their manager to be Safta Jaffery.

The Muse logo, incorporated chiefly since the release of Muse EP in 1998
This meeting led to their first proper recordings and the release of the Muse EP on Sawmills' in-houseDangerous label.Their second EP, the Muscle Museum EP, reached number 3 in the indie singles chart and attracted the attention of British radio broadcaster Steve Lamacq as well as the weekly British music publication NME.Dennis Smith introduced the band to Safta Jaffery with whom he had recently started the record label Taste Media. Muse signed with Smith and Jaffery and recorded their first three albums, ShowbizOrigin of Symmetry, and Absolution, with Taste Media.
Despite the success of their second EP, British record companies were reluctant to sign Muse. It was after a trip to New York's CMJ Festival that an American record label flew them to Los Angeles to showcase. Nanci Walker, then Sr. Director of A&R at Columbia Records, flew Muse to the U. S. to showcase for Columbia Records' then-Senior Vice President of A&R, Tim Devine, as well as for American Recording's Rick Rubin. It was during this trip, on 24 December 1998, that Muse signed a deal with Maverick Records.Upon their return from America, Taste Media arranged deals for Muse with various record labels in Europe and Australia, allowing them to maintain control over their career in individual countries.
John Leckie was brought in to produce the band's first record, Showbiz. The album showcased the band's soft style, and the lyrics made reference to the difficulties they had encountered while trying to establish themselves in Teignmouth.

2001–02: Origin of Symmetry

During production of the band's second album, Origin of Symmetry, the band experimented with instrumentation such as a church organ,Mellotron, and an expanded drum kit. There were more of Bellamy's high-pitched vocal lines, arpeggiated guitar, and piano playing. Bellamy cites guitar influences such as Jimi Hendrix and Tom Morello (of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave), the latter evident in the more riff-based songs in Origin of Symmetry and in Bellamy's extensive use of pitch-shifting effects in his solos.The album also features a reworking of Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse's "Feeling Good".
Celine Dion was threatened with legal action in 2002 when she planned to name her Las Vegas show "Muse," despite the band owning the worldwide performing rights to the name. Celine Dion offered $50,000 for the rights but Muse rejected this with Bellamy stating that "We don't want to turn up there with people thinking we're Celine Dion's backing band." Eventually Dion was forced to back down.
Origin of Symmetry was well-received by critics; NME gave the album 9/10 with Roger Morton writing, "It's amazing for such a young band to load up with a heritage that includes the darker visions of Cobain and KafkaMahler and The Tiger LilliesCronenberg and Schoenberg, and make a sexy, populist album. But Muse have carried it off."
Maverick had reservations about Bellamy's vocal style on this album (considering it not to be "radio-friendly") and asked Muse to change some of their songs prior to U.S. release. The band refused and left Maverick, resulting in Maverick's decision not to release "Origin of Symmetry" in the United States.The album was finally released in the U.S. in September 2005, after Muse signed to Warner Bros.
Muse released a live DVD, Hullabaloo, featuring live footage recorded during Muse's two gigs on consecutive nights at Le Zenith in Paris in 2001 and a documentary film of the band on tour. A double album, Hullabaloo Soundtrack was released at the same time, containing a compilation of B-sides and a disc of recordings of songs from the Le Zenith performances. A double-A side single was also released featuring new songs "In Your World" and "Dead Star".

2003–05: Absolution

The band also played at the Glastonbury Festival in June 2004. After the festival, the band described the concert as "the best gig of our lives".However, drummer Dominic Howard's father, William Howard, who was at the festival to watch the band, died from a heart attack very shortly after the performance. "It was the biggest feeling of achievement we've ever had after coming offstage", Bellamy said. "It was almost surreal that an hour later his dad died. It was almost not believable. We spent about a week sort of just with Howard trying to support him. I think he was happy that at least his dad got to see him at probably what was the finest moment so far of the band's life".The single Butterflies & Hurricanes was dedicated to Howard's dad.Muse then continued their tour. They won two MTV Europe awards, including "Best Alternative Act" and a Q Award for "Best Live Act".Muse also received an award for "Best Live Act" at the 2005 BRIT Awards.Muse lost out twice to The Libertines for the NME award Best British Band, in 2004 and 2005. In July 2005, Muse participated in the Live 8 concert in Paris.
 (produced by Rich Costey) was released in 2003 and debuted at number one in the UK.The album yielded their first top ten hit with "Time Is Running Out" and later three top-twenty hits: "Hysteria", "Sing For Absolution" and "Butterflies and Hurricanes". Muse subsequently undertook their first international tour. It continued for about a year and saw Muse visiting Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, and France. Meanwhile, the band released six singles (one being for charity) ("Time Is Running Out", "Hysteria", "Sing for Absolution", "Stockholm Syndrome", "Butterflies and Hurricanes" and "Apocalypse Please"). The US leg of the 2004 tour began ominously as Bellamy injured himself on stage during the opening show in Atlanta.The tour resumed after several stitches and a couple of days.
2003 saw the band sue Nestlé, who used their cover of Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" on an advert for Nescafé without the band's permission. They donated the compensation money to Oxfam.The main reason behind the legal action was the bassist, Christopher Wolstenholme, who at the time had his third child, and was against the company that had a dubious reputation when it came to the promotion of powdered milk to new mothers in the third world.
An unofficial and unauthorised DVD biography containing no Muse music called Manic Depression was released in April 2005; the band was not involved with the project and did not endorse the release.Another DVD, this time official, was released by the band on 12 December 2005, called Absolution Tour. The official release contained re-edited and re-mastered highlights from the Glastonbury Festival 2004 and previously unseen footage from London Earls Court, Wembley Arena, and the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. Two songs, "Endlessly" and "Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist", are hidden tracks on the DVD taken from Wembley Arena. The only song from Absolution not to appear on the live DVD is "Falling Away With You", which has never been performed live to date.Absolution eventually went Gold in the US.

2006–08: Black Holes and Revelations and HAARP

Muse playing "Starlight" at Reading and Leeds Festivals on 28 August 2006
In 2006, Muse released their fourth album, Black Holes and Revelations, co-produced by Muse and Rich Costey. The album's title and themes are the result of the band's fascination with science fiction and political outrage.The album charted at No. 1 in the UK, much of Europe, and Australia. It was also a success in the United States, reaching number nine on theBillboard 200 album chart.Prior to the release of the new album, the band resumed making live performances, which had halted while recording, making a number of promotional TV appearances starting on 13 May 2006 at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend. The Black Holes and Revelations Tour started just before the release of their album and initially consisted mostly of festival appearances, most notably a headline slot at the Reading and Leeds Festivals in August 2006.The band's main touring itinerary started with a tour of North America from late July to early August 2006. After the last of the summer festivals, a tour of Europe began, including a large arena tour of the UK.Black Holes and Revelations was nominated for the 2006 Mercury Music Prize, but lost to Arctic Monkeys.The album did, however, earn a Platinum Europe Award after selling one million copies in the continent.In August 2006, Muse recorded a live session at Abbey Road Studios for Live from Abbey Road.
The first single from the album, "Supermassive Black Hole", was released as a download in May 2006. It was later followed by general releases as a single the next month, all ahead of the main album release. The second single, "Starlight", was released in September 2006. "Knights of Cydonia" was released in the US as a radio-only single in June 2006 and in the UK in November 2006. "Knights of Cydonia" was voted number 1 in the world's largest music poll Australian Radio's Triple J Hottest 100 for 2007 and 18th in Triple J's Hottest 100 of All Time in 2009. The fourth single from the album, "Invincible", was then released in April 2007.Another single, "Map of the Problematique", was released for digital download only in June 2007, following the band's performance at Wembley Stadium.

Muse at the Rock im Park, Germany in 2007
The band spent November and much of December 2006 touring Europe with British bandNoisettes as the supporting act. The tour continued in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia in early 2007 before returning to England for the summer. Possibly their biggest performances to date were two gigs at the newly rebuilt Wembley Stadium on 16 and 17 June 2007. Both Wembley concerts were recorded for a DVD/CD titled HAARP, which was released on 17 March 2008 in the UK and 1 April 2008 in the USA. The touring continued across Europe in July 2007 before heading back to the US in August where they played to a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden, New York.They earned a headline spot on the second night of the Austin City Limits Music Festival on 15 September 2007, after The White Stripescancelled their performance. Not long after, they also performed at the October 2007 Vegoosein Las Vegas alongside bands like Rage Against the MachineDaft Punk, and Queens of the Stone Age.Muse continued touring in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia before moving on to Australia and New Zealand. Muse played their final show of the Black Holes and Revelations tour as headliner of the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas after playing to sell-out crowds throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand.
A number of individual live appearances also occurred in 2008. In March, they played concerts in DubaiJohannesburg, and Cape Town.On 12 April they played a one-off concert at the Royal Albert Hall in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.Muse were present at Rock in RioLisboa on 6 June, along other bands such as Kaiser ChiefsThe Offspring and Linkin Park.The band also performed at a new gig inMarlay ParkDublin on 13 August and were set to play at a gig in Belfast on 14 August. However, the Belfast date was dismissed according to The Belfast Telegraph.Kasabian and Glasvegas supported Muse on their Irish date.A few days later, they were the headline act atV Festival 2008, playing in Chelmsford on Saturday 16 August and Staffordshire on Sunday 17 August.They also hinted at the possibility of a future stadium tour or concerts in South America.
On 25 September 2008, Bellamy, Howard and Wolstenholme all received a Honorary Doctorate of Arts from the University of Plymouth for their contributions to music.

Go!ng H!gh SchooL~

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Inilah lambang lama (SMKZ)
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Hi There!

Assalammualaikum sume!!okey....sekarang niey aq nk smbung blek tenteng My L!fe....Korang sume dah tau kn nme aq??so....xpyah laa cite psal nme lg....haha...tarikh lahir aq ialah pada 26 Januari 1994.....(teka laa bpe umur aq skarang??)aq lahir di Negeri Sembilan...di daerah ?????(secret).Semasa aq berumur 7 tahun,aq bersekolah di Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Pilah.Dari umur 7 tahun hingga 12 tahun.Pengalaman yang tak boleh aq lupekan semase aq di bangku sekolah rendah ialah ketika first day menjadi murid sekolah rendah.Aq berada di kelas 1 mawar 2.Pelbagai ragam budak2 ketika first day disekolah.Ada yg menagis nk balik..ada jugak yg membisukan diri..Pada mase niey...of coz laa aq xmenagis...Mesti korang pun same kan??haha.Itu laa saat2 yg indah ketika berada di tahun 1.Buat pengetahuan sume aq dri Tahun 1 hingga la Tahun 6.tak penah2 pindah kelas.Yup..Aq sentiasa berada di kelas ke 2.Semase aq Tahun 5.Aq telah jatuh cinta dengan seseorang.Itu laa first love ingat lagi macam mne aq menghantar2 surat cinta kepada si DIA..malang sekali,Dia tidak hiraukan aq.Nak buat mcam mne kan??orang dah xsuke..Okey kte tingglkan cite pasal cinta2 niey.(sje nk ubah cite)Mse aq bersekolah kt sini aq jugak penah laa masuk pertandingan mcm Hari Sukan...Seperti biasa...setiap sekolah mempunyai rumah sukan,dan bekas sekolah rendah aq ini mempunyai 4 buah rumah sukan iaitu Rumah Merah nama lain rumah sukan ini ialah Bahaman,Rumah Kuning nama lainnya Ghaffar,Rumah Biru nama lainnya Mansor,dan yang terakhir rumah sukanku..iaitu Rumah Hijau atau nama lainnya Ariffin.Aq mewakili rumah sukanku untuk acare 4X100 untuk Tahun 5 dan 4X100 dan 4X200 pada Tahun 6.Mase Tahun 6 pula tahun akhir disekolah tuu.Pelbagai cara pihak sekolah membuat aktiviti seperti kelas tambahan untuk persediaan murid2 Tahun 6 untuk peperiksaan besar sekolah.Dalam Ujian Peperiksaan Sekolah Rendah(UPSR).Aq mendapat 2A 2B 1C.Untuk pengetahuan sume,aq niey bkan laa pndai sangat kt sekolah rendah..dan aq tak popular sebab semase di sekolah rendah,aq seorang yg pemalu sedikit..haha.