Monday, 25 July 2011

The Unexpected Day~

Assalammualikum to everyone that still following my blog.Today i want to share with you all about what were happen to my day.For those who are wondering what is "The Unexpected Day" is,you must continue your reading !( is obviously have to keep reading..haha..just kidding around) start from when i went to school like always and after along nagging at the school offical rally.The boys are have been calls to stay at the hall and i hear a buzzing sound from some of the boys saying that "Bald Operations".The first thing that i thinks of is WTF?!?.Are those teacher and sir hate us?!? i once have been bald by them ! its is frustrating !.After that,me with my friend plan to hide at the back of the stage of the hall,but i have to encounter with my teacher for the "English Workshop" for tomorrow.Then,i decide to go for the meeting.I were save by the meeting.(Thank God ! that was a close one !haha).After the meeting were end,i should entered the hall again,because the operation are not done yet ! but suddenly i have to go to the toilet !haha !im save again !my friend too have a stomach ache,we're decided to go together to finish our job ! (haha..xD).After a long long long long learning..its the time that all of the students are waiting for~ that is...return home other words..GO BACK HOME !.Okey,im not finish yet my story..after a long wait,my father should pick me up..!but suddenly my father said.."Duduk luar dulu..Kereta da terlampau panas."from that, i know..this is gonna be hard.Then we're waited the engine to cool down.After that,my father send the car to a workshop.We're waited for 2 hour and a half for the car to be is "A Unexpected Day"for me~ =_="
thats all from me ! till then ! :D

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