Thursday, 1 December 2011

New !

Salam sume,disebabkan da a point nk update blog niey.So here it is..pada 30 November yg lepas,my dream have fulfill by purchasing my 1st Puma Cleats name Puma V4.11 i FG.Happy laa jgk dpat ape yg aq idamkan selama niey.Btw,lama jugak laa nk tunggu smpai dpat beli diey.Maklum laa mahal RM$.$$+.Msti nk taw kn mcm mne rupa bentuk Puma tuu kn?Niey aq ade beberapa gmbr diey.

Okey my next target is buying Nike's T90 Laser III FG.Time to save some money now !
all right ! i'll posting something new again,but i don't give a guarantee when i'll be posting new story.
p/s:sorry for the mixed language,im not to good with english. -.-"

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